Agricultural consultants or advisers offer advice, support and solutions to their clients to ensure their business or enterprise is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

our clients may be:

  • farmers and Outgrowers;
  • Entreprenuers
  • landowners;
  • organisations and public bodies;
  • other agricultural businesses in other sectors and services.

With our problem-solving approach, we provide both technical and business oriented services by;

  • visiting clients to identify and evaluate their business and/or technical requirements;
  • assisting clients with business planning, planning applications, government land applications and new business ventures;
  • preparing or modifying business or operating plans;
  • organizing and conducting field trials to find solutions to clients’ problems;
  • planning and implementing improvements for the client such as using more effective water, weed, pest, encroacher, weed measures or finding more efficient ways;
  • organizing presentations, demonstrations, training and farm walks for clients, colleagues, partnership organizations, professional bodies and other interested groups;
  • communicating effectively, both in writing and orally, with clients, private sector and members of the public;
  • writing advisory,technical notes and possibly articles on Blog
  • marketing and promoting consultancy services to new customers, while maintaining existing client relationships;
  • researching and keeping up to date with any relevant developments in agriculture;
  • Undertaking administrative duties, managing budgets and accounts, updating information and preparing reports.

Projects are client specific, and can entail the following options;

  • Consult only [Daily Fees apply]
  • Consult and design [Design Fees apply]
  • Consult, design and manage [Design Fees and Management Fees]