Knowledge Transfer

In Nigeria today, agriculture is still overlooked and some youths regard farming as an odd job meant only for illiterate rural people.

The greatest number of dedicated farmers today can neither read nor write these are mostly rural people who are under-informed about current agricultural innovations.

Those actually engaged in farming are mostly ignorant of some agricultural facts and myths thereby reducing their efficiency.

A  2 weeks program designed to empower People and share vital Practical Agricultural information and hands-on experiences

Target Audience

Target Audience:

  • Jobseekers
  • Entrepreneur
  • Graduates/Artisans
  • Others

"knowledge is no good unless it can be used by those who benefit from it.

Mr. Tony Prexton
This program would involve the transfer and administration of agricultural information to participants
  • 2 weeks program
  • 2 weeks hands on training
  • Accommodation
  • Feeding
  • Theoretical and Practical lessons
  • Up to 10 variety of crops
  • Marketing tips
  • Farm set up Assistance

After training, what nex?

Each participant is required to have a land or ability to acquire a land after the Training period.

Benefits of training

  • —Hands on farming experience.
  • —Professional support for participants.
  • —Get information on how to source for market.

  • We assist participants in setting up the farm at a reduced cost
  • For those who already have an existing farmland, we can also assist them in setting their farms up to current standards.
  • For churches, we help set up the farm at a highly discounted price.
  • —Participants get latest farming tips on a variety of crops .
  • —Professional advice and strategy
  • Best practices in cultivation of high yielding crops

Knowledge sharing application form

Things to come with

  • Farm boot
  • Hat
  • Farm gloves
  • writing materials

What's your mindset?

  • Genuine interest in Agriculture
  • Hardworking
  • Ready to experience life outside the city
  • working outside your comfort zone
  • strength and courage